ANTS Encoder System



The ANTS ENCODER is an ingeniously simple system that is able to inform you at all times about the absolute positioning of the elevator.
It perfectly co-operates with EL.CO Micro and EL.CO Micro2 lift controllers and ranked as a high-tech solution by Sta.Ge HELLAS.

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ANTS is all the time aware of his accurate position. It is suitable for shaft lengths up to 100 meters and is able to read absolutely up to a speed of 3 m / s.


ANTS is a reliable workhorse – even power failures are not able to harm ANTS – WITHOUT a new referencing drive, ANTS always knows its exact position!

Technical Features
  • Ideal for high-speed lifts | Up to 3m/s
  • Ideal for high-level structures with increased demands
  • Ideal for projects that cannot use magnetic sensors


  • Direct serial communication with hight-tech lift controllers EL.CO Micro 2 & EL.CO Micro
  • Power failures do not affect ANTS Encoder
  • Rescue operation ability without extra magnetic sensors

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