EL.CO Micro2



TYPE Hydraulic, Electric 2-Speed, Electric V.V.V.F., For Geared/Gearless machine (with or without machine room)
SPEED Max 2,5m/sec
STOPS Up to 32
OPERATION Full collective, Up or Down Collective
Up to 4 lifts (duplex, triplex, quadruplex)
Can bus, Lin bus, Uart (optional)
With magnetic sensors, with encoder
100 faults 
(with time, date & floor number)
LCD screen with button keyboard


The new EL.CO Micro2 product series was designed to cover simplex or multiplex lifts with limited or increased technical requirements and installations based on parallel or serial connections.

The EL.CO Micro2 design was based on 3 leading lift controllers: EL.CO 2, EL.CO Smart & EL.CO Micro. It uses microcontroller ARM 32bit of ST microelectronics and incorporates three calls boards, with even stronger protection against short circuits.

EL.CO Micro2 has a friendly and easy to use setup menu with LCD display & LEDs that permits you to check the status of the lift at a glance and supports up to 32 stops.

The multiplex operation option (duplex, triplex or quadruplex) makes EL.CO Micro2 an ideal choice for demanding structures and the easy software upgrade via USB (from a computer or notepad) allows you to be up-to-date with the technological upgrades quickly and easily.

The EL.CO Micro2 product series is manufactured with the latest branded and certified raw materials. It complies with international standards for lifts and is covered with two (2) years warranty.

Whether your lifts are intented for use in low-rise buildings or multi-level structures, EL.CO Micro2 model makes the difference!


European Standards

  • Manufactured with branded and certified raw materials
  • EMC tested and verified I Certified with CE
  • Compatible with European standards and Directives for Lifts :
EN 81-20/50


Cabinet Dimensions


(Width x Height x Depth) (XxYxZ)
Hydraulic 9KW-16KW 60 x 90 x 18 cm
Electric 2-Speed Up to 8 PS 60 x 90 x 18 cm
Electric V.V.V.F. 3,7KW-7,5KW L1000A 64 x 94 x 28 cm
Electric MRL 3,7KW-15KW L1000A 45 x 220 x 24 cm 
(Plate: 40 x 200 cm)
18,5KW L1000A 45 x 220 x 28 cm
(Plate: 40 x 200 cm)
With Inverter in the shaft (2 boxes) 32 x 220 x 24 cm
 (Control Panel)
55 x 65 x 30 cm (Inverter)


Branded & Certified Raw Material

Branded & Certified Raw Material

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  • Hydraulic, Electric 1 or 2-speed and V.V.V.F. type
  • 32bit ARM 72MHz controller
  • Up to 32 stops (Up to 8 stops down collective / Up to 32 stops with external boards)
  • Speed: Up to 2,5 m/sec
  • USB for easy software update
  • Parallel Connection or Serial Communication (Can bus /Lin bus)
  • Non selective-collective, Down Collective, Full Collective
  • Multiplex operation (Duplex-Triplex-Quadruplex)
  • Simultaneous operation of  two doors without magnetic sensors
  • Long life time for all utility relays
  • LCD screen for programming parameters, errors, password protected and led indicators
  • English language menu options
  • Auxiliary 12 VDC output 1A
  • Intelligent battery charger for one sealed lead acid battery 12 VDC & protected output for emergency lights
  • Environment temperature control
  • Motor temperature control
  • Real time clock
  • Lift diagnostics – saves the last 100 errors to facilitate maintenance and repair
  • Ground leakage is controlled in two levels, instant and continuous
  • Εlectronic protected from short circuits all inputs and outputs
  • Feedback from main conductors and motor brakes
  • Service buttons and switch on main board
  • 3 phase operator
  • Shaft’s measurement with magnetic sensors or encoder system
  • Modem connection
  • A3 brake function on board
  • Automatic rescue operation with UPS (optional)

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